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  • 旅行社牌照號碼:L-SC-GN00901

    Travel Agency License Number ?L-SC-GN00901

    目的地介紹/Destination Introduction

    海螺溝冰川森林公園~木格措?“最後的香格里拉”稻城亞丁單飛 8 日

    Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park~Mugecuo~"the last Shangri-La" Daocheng Yading (Fly from Daocheng to Chengdu) 8 days

    DSC_6862 1920.jpg

    景點介紹/Scenic spot introduction:

    稻城亞?。?/span>這里是英國詹姆斯·希爾頓(James Hilton)所著《消失的地平線》書中的香格里拉秘境。被譽為“最后的香格里拉”、“藍色星球上的最后一片凈土”。

    海螺溝冰川:位于貢嘎山東坡,是亞洲最東低海拔現代冰川,這里有舉世無雙的冰川瀑布、高山杜鵑、紅石灘、雪谷溫 泉、原始森林等自然景觀,屬國家 5A 級風景區,國家森林公園。 



    Daocheng Yading: This is a mysterious place called Shangri-La in James Hilton's novel“Lost Horizon”. Known as "the last Shangri-La", "the last piece of pure land on the blue planet". 

    Hailuogou Glacier: Located on the eastern slope of Gongga Mountain, it is famous in the world for its low-altitude contemporary glaciers. There are unparalleled glacier waterfalls, alpine rhododendrons, red stone beach, snow valley hot spring, old-growth forest and other natural landscape, it is a National 5A Scenic Spot, National forest park. 

    Mugecuo: One of the largest alpine lakes in northwest Sichuan, composed of scenic spots such as the Seven-Color Sea, Rhododendrons Valley, Medicinal hot springs, and Mugetso etc. 

    Xindu Bridge: The light and shadow here is called "the world of light and shadow" and "the paradise of photographers".


    Best time to visit:all year


    Never arrange a tourist shopping store


    Gift of mineral water

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